SLIM - Source Linux Installation Manager

Welcome to SLIM

Welcome to SLIM: the Source Linux Installation Manager. SLIM is actually two things: a source package manager for Linux and a GNU/Linux distribution. Read more about it.

SLIM is based on DIY-Linux and Linux From Scratch projects. SLIM doesn't follow these projects with precision, but it uses their methods and often their package build instructions to build most packages. For that reason, SLIM is not a distribution for the masses. It is meant as a distribution for experts who are not affraid of configuring an entire system by themselves.

Latest Package Release

The SLIM packages are released often, but the frequency of the releases is quite sporadic (sometimes several times a day, or weeks may go by without an update).

Latest release: Sunday, December 29, 2013 10:51 am MST

Latest News

SLIM is dead. Please use Arch Linux instead.

X86_X64 support is currently broken. 32-bit works well.

Due to difficulty in keeping up with packages and the latest difficulties in dealing with KDE requirements, SLIM desktop stuff is grossly outdated. As such, SLIM is mostly geared toward servers.

SLIM now has full support for KDE 4.2. It also still supports KDE 3.5.10 with the kde3 series of packages.