SLIM - Source Linux Installation Manager

About SLIM

SLIM is a simple package manager that has some fairly big features. It is designed entirely around the concept of automating the process of downloading, compiling and installing source packages. Some of its features include:


Some of the goals for SLIM are:

System Requirments

SLIM is written in PHP 5. PHP 4 will not work. The CLI version of PHP must be available as /usr/bin/php. The Live CD has PHP 5 installed and can (and should) be used to build a new system. The SLIM toolchain phase and base system include PHP 5 to ensure SLIM still works. You also need something to download packages, such as wget (the default).


I first started using Linux From Scratch (LFS) in 2001. I really liked the idea of having full control of a Linux system. However, the goals of LFS were educational and not to help in automation. Early into my LFS experience I started writing scripts that would build packages automatically. Later on these scripts were too hard to maintain and keep up to date. That's where SLIM came in.

I started on SLIM around 2003 but didn't really have much until late 2004. At that time, the Do-It-Yourself Linux project started which helped with the automation and the correctness of the build. The SLIM system is based on DIY-Linux and LFS with some special home-grown spices to make it a little bit unique.

Today I use SLIM in all of my servers at work and all my Linux systems at home, ranging from KVM-based virtual servers, web servers, database servers, desktops, laptops, MythTV boxes, etc.